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Service Book Confusion

tweaked9107 Jun 7, 2013

  1. tweaked9107

    tweaked9107 New Member

    Okay, so I bought my Audi about 6 months ago, and it was serviced by Audi before I took delivery. It has a full service history at the same Audi dealership in Brighton, but looking through the book I am very confused.

    In the top left there are three options. Oil change, Inspection Service, and LongLife Service.

    Now on every service, the long life box is ticked in the yes column, and the others no. Does this mean my Audi has NEVER had an oil change? I appreciate that its only done 27,000 miles, but its nearly 7 years old now...

    Any ideas?

    According to the service book it's never had the cam or "toothed" belt changed either.
  2. Tiffy

    Tiffy Active Member

    Not sure tbh.....but why now change it yourself for peice of mind.....

    My Old E46 M3 had 15k between oil services but i used to change it myself twice during that time
  3. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    You should talk very nicely to your Audi garage and they will provide you with work sheets for all work done to your car. They are not suppose to, but it should show you all work done by a VAG dealer on your car. Clearly, any non Audi service work won't be on these records. I personally loathe these Long Service intervals VAG offer and was one of the first things I did was to change my service to distance ( every 6000 miles oil & filter ) Cam belt should be inspected pronto btw....it should be changed every 5 years minimum so get that looked at too. Not sure on the oil burners but the petrol engines do have a timing belt inspection window where you can take a wee peek at it to see the nick of it. If you have a full Audi service book stamped up, then I am quite sure your car will have had oil chnages done at the appropriate time.

  4. tweaked9107

    tweaked9107 New Member

    Just drove down to the dealer quickly and he had a look and there is no record of a new timing belt, but he assures me that the yearly service (which based on the mileage is every 4000miles or so) included an oil and filter change. Definitely worried about the belt so I think I'll get that changed ASAP. Just for piece of mind alone.
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  5. Ste_Nova

    Ste_Nova Active Member

    oil is just oil change
    inspection is just an inspection
    long life is both

    this is how they cheekly get away with offering 2 free services with a new car..... my mates a1 went in for an oil server as shown on the display, 4 weeks later it wanted an inspection service!
  6. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Was that Brighton Audi on dyke road, I know almost everyone down there & they follow the letter, very good usually, probably the owner before was advised to do, but they declined, they cant be forced to do work if they dont want too & its only done 27k so probably thought no need, although 7 years is too long.
  7. tweaked9107

    tweaked9107 New Member

    Yeh that's the one. I'll just have to get it done myself.

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