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Service and MOT

Mart77 Dec 1, 2013

  1. Mart77

    Mart77 Member

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this are, I'm not going to name names or give any full prices at the moment.

    I took my car for a full service and MOT a few weeks back at a Audi specialist in with the service was a full check on the car and they take the car for the MOT elsewhere, When I picked the car up I was told they ( the service place ) had found a number of faults, front wiper blades/rear brake hoses/front brake pads and discs/rear pads and discs/front anti roll bar linkage/ns and is front engine mounts/ NSF and lower arms/small oil leak (which I know about), I was then passed the MOT fail sheet which it only failed on the rear brakes and had 2 warning for the rear tyres which only had a few 1000 miles left on them and the oil leak. Anyway I've then rebooked the car in to have the rear brakes done and put back through the MOT, this time on going back to pick the car up I've got the pass sheet this time the MOT place have listed all of the problems this Audi specialist had listed the week before, and I had probably done less than 15 miles in between the 2 dates

    anybody find that a strange maybe? It sent a few alarm bells ringing for me but didn't question anything

    Now having looked at the quote on the repair bill, I've been to a few other places to get a price on the front brakes everyone's saying at lest £100 cheaper, one places was so shocked they asked if they was using gold plated parts lol.

    since then Ive done less than 50 miles in the car and I've started having problems, lucky for me I have access to a diagnostic machine which flagged up a coil pack fault on cylinder 3, so I've took the engine cover off and noticed that the 3rd coil pack wasn't fully pushed down and had all grease/oil all down it, the other 3 were spotless. To be honest I was fully expecting it to be the common problem with the coil pack but after cleaning it up pushing back in fully the car is running sweet again.

    am I being paranoid here in thinking they are a **** poor and tired to pull a fast one?
  2. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    What were the parts to be used. There can be a jump between cheap brake parts and good quality brake parts. I know a local place gets their pads from the motorfactors and the quality is rubbish.

    Can you provide a breakdown of the repair estimate.
  3. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    As Oranoco stated - prices between the quality of parts vary massively.
    When I bought my A4 it had cheap pads in (a brand I have never heard of before) - I found out after getting non progressive brake fade. I found the receipt in the service history, they turned out to be £19.99 with the VAT!

    If you can give us a break down it will help us deem if it is reasonable or not.
  4. Mart77

    Mart77 Member


    Yeah sure I'll dig the quote out. The paper work for the rear brakes didn't have any part numbers on so I'll have a look to see if any things on the brakes

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