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Service advice

andrewf Nov 21, 2013

  1. andrewf

    andrewf New Member


    ive just purchased a 2004 3.2l Quattro a6 and have a question around servicing...

    it's on a variable service mode and last long life service was July 2012 at 110k miles

    i purchased it at 116k and the service light is showing to service in 7000 miles or 17 days...which one shall I follow? If it's 7000 miles it will work out as next spring before I reach that level...should I follow the milage or day advice
    thank you
  2. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    7000 or 17 days? that doesn't sound right, it a shed load of miles to do in 17 days, id go for the service after the cold weather it over, get Christmas out the way and in the new year get it done,,, but that's just me, and only if its all running ok for you,
    p.s. GOOD ARNT THEY... glad someone else has got the good old 3.2 Quattro.:rockwoot:
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  3. a6_chris

    a6_chris Well-Known Member

    Get it done every 10k miles or 1 year whichever comes first.

    Regular oil changes 100k+ are necessary.

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