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Service Advice

Hellz Sep 27, 2011

  1. Hellz

    Hellz Geordie Racer

    Hi all,

    S3 is due a 30k service - its now out of warranty and I'm debating whether to go to dealership (full audi SH so far) or to an indi. Been quoted £150 by my favoured indie specialist which includes oil filter, oil, spark plugs, pollen filter, brake lines cleaned, and full health check.

    Rang Tyneside Audi late today and they quoted £159 (30% discount) - girl on the phone wasnt wholly sure what this included but she did confirm it did not include brake lines being cleaned (extra £45) or pollen filter... she's going to get back to me tomorrow but I'm guessing its an oil change, filter change, audi health check (doubt they will change spark plugs as standard?)... oh and windscreen wash refilled (why do they do this!?).

    Not too fussed about the pollen filter as its a cheap and easy diy. What about the brake lines? How important is it that they are cleaned at this interval? how hard is it to diy?

    Would you guys keep up the audi SH and do some odd bits and bobs yourself or would you go with a tried and trusted indi specialist where they go the extra yard?

    Advice/opinions appreciated as always:)

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