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Seriously seized track rod end, heat not sorted it.

coolspot007007 Apr 9, 2014

  1. coolspot007007

    coolspot007007 Member

    Firstly this was the most seized end/lock nut I've ever come accross, secondly the allen key hole in the bolt part disintegrated so I couldn't get it off. In my wisdom I partially cut through the bolt hole whilst leaving plus gas to soak into the lock nut. The lock nut was having none of it and rounded on a couple of the flats, at this point the partially cut bolt bit sheared so I can't get as much torque on the nut easily.

    I've hit the lock nut with my blow torch for a good 5 minutes (mapp gas) with plus gas before and after for maximum penetration. You can see it's cleaned it up well as it no longer looks like one piece of metal, but it's still not going anywhere. Any ideas? I'm thinking of cutting into the lock nut until as close to the threads as I dare then seeing if a bit of welly will crack the last bit allowing the end to be removed. Really hoping I don't need to replace the entire rod, but if I do, is crows foot spanner or sleeve type tool best, and what size?
  2. ryanwilson1987

    ryanwilson1987 New Member

    for the sake of a tenner or so u just aswell change the rod and the usually come off with a good pair of mole grips
  3. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Much easier to just split or cut off the nut off the end to get it out of the hub and replace the whole rod.

    From memory it's a 34mm to remove the rod. If you turn the steering full lock you can get on it with an ordinary spanner.
  4. coolspot007007

    coolspot007007 Member

    The lemforder rods aren't as dear as I thought they would be, so will just replace the rod I think.

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