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Seriously lumpy idle / engine (VagCom in guildford / richmond area?)

itssam Aug 19, 2009

  1. itssam

    itssam A3 3.2Q Sport

    Hey guys,
    My 05 3.2 has had a bit of a lumpy idle in the morning a few times but its cleared pretty quickly on my commute when given a few beans.

    Its really not feeing too happy today though - the lumpy idle didn't shift and its feeling lumpy when running too.

    Got it booked in with AMD in Woking next week but wondering if theres anything i can check myself or if theres anyone around the Guildford / Richmond (work) area - or even in between - that would let me use their vag com to check for any codes before then?

  2. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member VCDS Map User

    It could be teh temp sender or mass air sensor.

    Shame your not up my way or i culd havevagcomd it for you.
  3. itssam

    itssam A3 3.2Q Sport

    thats pretty much what i figured - bit of an update though... on the drive home last night it was the same untill a ~10 miles in.

    The emissions contol light came on and the car calmed itself down - no lumpy idle or anything!

    Light was back off this morning and the idle was back to being lumpy, along with a bit of lumpyness on cruise - nothing on acceleration

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