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Serial Remap Switching...Check this out

big.buoy Sep 18, 2007

  1. big.buoy

    big.buoy New Member

    I hope you find this very interesting.......:readit:

    Ok being very new to this forum and the idea of re-mapping becoming more tantalising, I have been looking to boost my beloved A4 but afraid of who to trust...I think there are many out there who feel the same as I!

    So here is a link about the latest form of ECU Remapping:


    The company specialising in this has been highly recommended to me by a fellow (Thanks Dan!) Audi-Sport forum member who pm'd me this morning.

    www.dnatuning.com looks like just the ticket and I have started dialogue going.

    John is the specialist there and I believe he has had lots of relevant race track experience and in particular deals mainly with VAG and Porsche and nowt much else...and his prices are pretty reasonable.

    If you guys & gals out there are in a quandry about re-mapping you cars ECU then give this chap a call. This may be a similar system to Superchips' BlueFin but would imagine not quite as expensive.

    I hope this helps, I feel a certain weight lifted from my shoulders already!

    Happy motoring folks!



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