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September collection

Colin1973 Jul 26, 2013

  1. Colin1973

    Colin1973 New Member

    Just heard from my dealer that my Audi A3 SB S-Line has been built and ready for shipment. I am on holiday till 3rd September so picking up my car on 4th September :)

    Ive been very impatient and still have over a mth to wait, but this forum has kept me sane lol.

    Car ordered- A3 SB S-Line 2.0 TDI, Detone Grey, Napa Leather, Hill assit, Advanced key, All Roof Rails, S-Line suspension, Adaptive xeon lights, B&O sound system, Teck package, pur mono stitching, comfort package, electric heated folding mirrors, heated seats, tyre pressure, interior light package, Audi phone box.

    First new car ive bought, looking forward to collection :) will have that smile all mth long. Will of course post some photos which is a must on this forum
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  2. dick wad

    dick wad Member

    How much did that cost ?
  3. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Not long to go Colin, we will need to start a countdown thread for you. Im glad your enjoying the forum. :) x
  4. Colin1973

    Colin1973 New Member

    It cost £33K, but justified as I get a car allowance with my job, so end of 4 years will be mine less the balloon payment.

    Thanks Sandra, will look forward to the countdown thread
  5. A3sportbackMark

    A3sportbackMark Active Member

    Wow Colin, any option you didn't fancy? Great spec. welcome to the wait for September club.
  6. Fragup

    Fragup Member

    Nice spec. The pur mono stitching looked really good on the web site, but my budget ran out, haven't seen on anyone else's spec so far (but i am new ish to forum and / or may have just missed it) so will be a slightly special touch as won't be many about I think. Rest look looks really good as well, bet you can't wait.

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