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Sensible upgrade options for Allroad 2.7t - k04/remap or BT kit???

silverstealth Oct 12, 2009

  1. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    Don't really want to go massive, just want more usable grunt without needing to upgrade internals or destroying engine. Oh, and its an Auto so need to know how much 5spd Tip can take within safe boundaries?

    If I go K04 do I need to upgrade intercooler, injectors etc?
    Oh, and forgot to mention - its the family daily driver so drivability is key, not peak hp.Also, anyone have suggestions for alloys as I hate the standard ones!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2009
  2. simon_golf_tt

    simon_golf_tt Member

    Speak to MRC Tuning Silverstealth, they are the daddies of 2.7T tuning. Had my RS4 remapped there and they just won Gold Tuner from Audi Driver mag.

    Have you had it remapped yet? Exhaust, cats and remap should see 330-340 ok. I think the auto box has a torque limit.
  3. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    Thanks, mate.

    No remap yet - didnt want to waste money on a map if I was going to do more afterwards.

    I know that the Allroad engine isnt quite the same spec as the S4/RS4, so not sure of safe limits. Auto is a pain as I'm sure its going to limit me but its the family car so.....

    I'll give MRC a call.

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