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Semi - tech...

steveg9 Jan 15, 2008

  1. steveg9

    steveg9 Member

    Posted this in Tech last night but no-one ever seems to go there! Any ideas?

    Not terribly technical - screenwash....
    OK so I have just collected my new A3, the screenwash bottle is full of clear liquid smelling just like the VW/SEAT/Skoda/Audi blue stuff p/no. G 052 164 A2 (~£2.75 per litre inc. VAT at the VW stealer). Of which I have 5 or 6 litres in the garage.......

    Coincidentally my mother-in-law collared me this evening (serves me for showing off the new toy...). She has been to local Audi (on her way home, VW miles away) and bought Audi p/no. 00A 096 319 006 £2.50 per half litre for her Polo

    The blue stuff was originally put into my Passat years ago by W stealer after tipping out 5L of the old (perfectly fine) Quantum old model stuff :mad: on grounds that 'we have to use this for the fan jets' - the Audi stuff says it's for fan jets...

    So question is are they the same / miscible / compatible? My cynical side says the former is multi language and multi brand (and cheaper!!), the latter appears to be Audi UK

    Dilution / temperature protection within a couple of degrees of frost each ratio

    No prob I can use hers but can I use the multi stuff??? I can't see it's likely to be way different :think:

    No hurry as we both have full wash bottles (in fact if I can't use the blue stuff she may have a lifetime supply)

    Thanks anyone
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    screenwash is invariably made up of water, methanol or industrial alchohol, sometimes some ethylene glycol (antifreeze) at low dose and various detergents

    they are all compatible and miscible with each other
  3. GlasgowRangers

    GlasgowRangers GlasgowRangersFC

    Yo Dunk let's see some pics of your RS4 ma man
  4. dunk

    dunk Member

    i need to change my sig - the rs4 is sold now

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