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Selling the bike to buy a TT, Need advice

Garvey2003 May 23, 2011

  1. Garvey2003

    Garvey2003 New Member

    Hi all,

    Been looking around for some information on buying an early TT, Has to be early as the funds will be tight.
    I've decided to give up biking and sell my RSV1000R and buy a TT. Its a car I think would still give me that little Excitment so I wouldnt miss the bike so much.

    What kind of things should I look at for on buying a TT? Not bothered with the mileage, Never have. Any common issues I should be aware of or big no no's when buying.

    thanks in advance
    Garvey :)
  2. happysack

    happysack New Member

    make sure the waterpump/cambelt been done.
    ensure that the turbo doesnt whistle too much as it means the turbos going.
    ensure you look for one that doesnt have signs of beeing ragged as the vag 1.8t engines need to be warm if you drive them harsh if not prone to breaking.
    dont get a v6 get a 225 1.8t and remap it itll be much quicker and cheaper and better on fuel.
    run falken f452s on them they suit the quattro drive beautifully.
    get the bose stereo its bloody fab.
    shop around until you find the right one and drive alot of them i drove around 10 before i brought mine and some where plain awful, some had problems are where noticeably slow.
    also my is for sale if you are local to me or interested still.
    hope this helps dude.
  3. Jax

    Jax Member

    Did you sell yours Happy Sack?


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