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Selling parts from my 07 A3 Sport, help!

J7-AUDIA3 Jun 26, 2008

  1. J7-AUDIA3

    J7-AUDIA3 Member

    Hi Guys'n'Gals

    Looking for some input as I've never sold motor parts before. First of all a list of what I'll be selling;

    Audi In Dash 6 CD Changer (Double DIN)
    Audi A3 Sport Front Bumper
    Audi A3 Sport Front Grille
    Audi A3 Sport Front Fogs
    Audi Multi-Function Steering Wheel

    as title says, all from my 07 A3 Sport. What I'm wanting to know is, what would be a decent asking price for each? And is it better to sell via Classifieds or EBay? Oh yeah and if anyone would be interested in anything.

    Would be happy with any help at all people, thanks.


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