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Selling my baby.... well A3 Sport

sijones May 14, 2011

  1. sijones

    sijones Member

    Just a heads up for people who may browse this forum looking for one.

    details are

    142,000 miles on clock, 2004, serviced by Audi up to 90k then the head cracked so had it rebuilt by Audi and then serviced it myself from then on, hybrid turbo, custom bluefin remap, 18" alloys but have been kerbed so need a refurb, new clutch recently. (more info in my sig)

    small dent in wing, if someone on here is interested then i'll get that sorted out.

    Only selling due to not being practical car for child and may have another child next year so looking at a car with more doors, and a bit more comfortable on the ****...

    PM me if your interested.

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