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sell up or carry on with the s3..

s3clarke Mar 13, 2013

  1. mk1chopper

    mk1chopper Missing the S3

    Liking the mims on the mk2 S3 Paul, had them on my mk1.
  2. feck_on_a_stick

    feck_on_a_stick Active Member Team Nogaro Blue

    Funny, I'm in the same predicament. I currently have my S3 and a mk3 Golf GTI for general running around. The S3 has had plenty of loving but it doesn't stir the soul for me. I've driven the S3 once in the past month ffs.

    I've started looking at tidy mk1 Golfs with 2.0 16v conversion or a mk2 Golf with a 1.8T, and figure that they wouldn't lose anything as the years go by and I'd enjoy being back in something nice and light whilst still being interesting. I'd then replace the mk3 GTI with something a little bit comfier, like an early Ovtavia VRS.

    Things break on old cars and its easy to fall out of love when you need to keep putting money into them, but if its broke your heart then get rid.
  3. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    Old cars are great, apart from in the winter. I love my 205 and wouldn't part with it, but when the weather get's ****ty it goes in the garage and I get in the S3, it just does a better all-round job. IMO an older car needs to be a second car, so you can use it when you want and not when you don't. Unless you have the option of running two, I'd fix up the S3 and either run it or replace it with something a bit newer.
  4. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    Thought I might as well pipe up.

    Since I bought a house last may and now have a daily round commute of 100 miles to I've not been using my S3. I swapped cars with my girlfriend as she had a much smaller journey and it made sense financially. As a result I am now driving a poxy Vaxhall Corsa 1.2 100 miles a day which is about as interesting and exciting as train spotting with a corpse.

    With the insurance renewal date fast approaching on the S3 (that I have driven 4 times this year) I seriously thought about selling up! After a few slaps from friends and being told to grow a pair I have realised it makes more sense to keep it but possibly take it off the road for a little while.

    Look around at S3 prices and they aren't pretty. There's no way I could part with my car after all the money, blood, sweat, and tears gone into it over the last 4 and a half years let alone for the sort of money it's worth.

    I am now looking to buy a shed of a TDI that I can work on myself to bring up to scratch for my daily drive, give the mrs back her god awful car, and leave the S3 in the garage either on a limited milage policy or SORN over the winter months. I might do the latter as I can then get my car out for shows and the summer months only.

    I love the S3 and would happily drive it every day 100 miles if I didn't have to pay for the fuel. As it is the corsa costs me £300 a month just in fuel. If I sold it sods law says I'd end up getting a job 10 miles away where I could drive it again.
  5. s3clarke

    s3clarke Money grabbing s3!

    the only newer car id buy would be a diesel im afraid, the prices to run around turbo petrol cars are a joke. I'm not 1 really for brand new cars either, the devaluation is a joke, and paying a constant monthly payment for a car isn't me. a nice mk2 golf lets say £3k, at least I can sell it at anytime I get bored or fancy a change etc.

    Westy id like to see somewhere around £3500 for it, thatd be recon turbo, cambelt change, plus a few extra's with 93,000 ish miles on a 52plate. I too drive it minimal, literally 30miles max at a weekend.
  6. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    I think I'm in a slightly differen position as my car would probably fetch the same amount o money as yours but I've ploughed a lot more into mine.

    After looking at a lot of different cars recently I've noticed that there are a lot of very economic petrol engines about. With the price difference between diesel and petrol you want to work out if a diesel will actually be saving you that much.
  7. s3clarke

    s3clarke Money grabbing s3!

    will be having my turbo rebuilt hopefully next week. How much of a pig of a job is it to take 1 off? reason im asking is if I can do it on my drive I will, or if it'd be easier to do it on some ramps I will have to wait until my dads are free (which could be weeks). Will the exhaust manifold have top come off, can it be taken with it on still etc.. Cheers.
  8. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    You can take it off leaving the manni on, not for the faint hearted though..
  9. s3clarke

    s3clarke Money grabbing s3!

    hopefully ive got the ramp on Saturday to do it so I should be ok now. :)

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