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Sell or upgrade.

Jackx1 Mar 15, 2014

  1. Jackx1

    Jackx1 Member

    It's got to the stage with my a3 where I'm unsure if I should do the more "expensive mods" such as rotor alloys and s3 bumper etc.. Or just keep the money and save it for the real deal in 1-2 years time. I've currently got a 2007 a3 s line and have been looking at the newer a3's, in particular the black edition. Has anyone else found them-selfs in this situation?
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  2. Walts2782

    Walts2782 Active Member

    Just had exactly the same debate as you....

    Mines just come upto 5 year old so needed the cambelt doing and a few other general servicing bits. Needed to decide if I should get everything done and keep it or change before hand. On looking about for the money there wasn't anything I really liked within the right price bracket. I would of considered another A3 but getting newer doesn't always mean better, I've seen 2012 plate cars that already look like heaps in comparison to mine.

    Long story short she's staying around and just done a list of extra to add a new lease of life.... Have a nosey at some of my recent threads for some inspiration.

    Feel your pain buddy
  3. OVRA3

    OVRA3 Well-Known Member

    Same here spent about 2k since I've had mine and it's had everything done. Sometimes it's better the devil you know
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  4. Jackx1

    Jackx1 Member

    I've already spend a fair bit on mine too. I think no matter what I do I will always past a facelift a3 and be envious of it ahah. I'll have a look at your recent work for some inspiration walts and ovra very true! I'm gonna be creating a build thread shortly and hopefully get some ideas from you lot!

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