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sell as a car or for parts?

mas May 30, 2008

  1. mas

    mas Member

    We've reached the point where our A4 has to go and I'd appreciate some opinions on the best way to get rid.

    Its a 1998 1.9tdi quattro avant in cricket green (the loud green) with 145K. However its getting a bit tatty. There is corrosion on the wheel arches (can only assume a previous owner damaged and repainted) and I think its going to need a few other bits before long (rear bushes, etc).

    Now as a car I doubt if its worth much, but I can see that as parts it must be worth far more. But I dont have anywhere to keep it or break it (no garage and no drive).

    Is it worth trying to sell as a car? (still has 6 months t&t and half a tank of shell)

    I could remove 'easy' stuff and then get it to a scrapyard - but would they be interested?
    Is there value in easy to remove bits (car would need to be driveable)?

    What is a car worth as parts? electric mirrors/windows/ cloth sport seats/sport steering whee/airbags etc?

    Is it likely to be worth renting a lock up to break in ?

    What would I be best to do and what does anyone think that I'd get?

    (I'd welcome pm's in confidence from anyone who has broken about how that went)

    thanks for any opinions

  2. Adam-D

    Adam-D Member

    ill have the seats depending on what colour and style they are.

    you always seem to get more money when you break a car, but you need room to do it
  3. Siena

    Siena Active Member

    Mas, I may be interested.

    Could you post up some pictures, when you get a chance?
  4. mas

    mas Member

    cheers guys.

    I'll take some pics later and bung them on and do a full condition list. If I had a garage I would break, and I am asking around to see if anyone would loan me one for a while.
  5. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    if you have to rent a lock up I would say that will bite into any profit you would have made breaking it over selling it.
    Bear in mind that you will never shift every last peice, it takes a lot of time and you are alwasys left with a big ugly imovable chunk at the end of it.
    I have done this a couple of times with a Golf GTi, bought other ones for spares and broke them. Bought one for £350, sold the bumpers alone for £200!
    stripped it right down to bare shell and chopped it up into bite size peices where a scrappy gave me £20 for the shell.
    rough estimate on total sales was about £900-1000 and I used all the little bits of trim I needed. but I had the space and did it over a year as I was going. Still have a front subframe and wishbones attached to an engine and gearbo cluttering up the barn though!
    its worth it if you have time energy and space.
  6. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    you need tools, space to strip and then store parts(an understanding wife helps when you fill spare room), time to do it, then time to sell parts, and parts need to be good condition to get best price, then you need someone in all day if you use a courier

    my local breakers are offering £120 for complete cars, c/l pump is worth that on ebay

    i reckon you would get a fair price for complete car on ebay. try that first with reserve, if you dont get price you want add up what you would be able to strip and then check you can sell them, for example ive got complete rear glass/electric window set up but cant shift them as no courier will take them
    interior £150, c/l pump £100, steering wheel £70, alloys £100, load cover £50
    scrappy will collect whats left of shell and give you a few quid
    done this with loads of cars and put £4000 in paypal acc. in first 2 years on ebay (i know this cause i had to give more details to prove i wasnt money laundering)
    would not recomend listing the car on ebay as breaking, as you end up answering loads of stupid questions from people who want something valuble for nothing, parts that arent worth the effort to remove, or you ask for a reasonable price and dont get a reply, just remove parts an list them
  7. mas

    mas Member

    Thanks again.
    I've put up a classified here and I'll see what I get - Off to ebay next. And I'll sort out some decent pictures. I've got some but it was raining when I took them so not very good.

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