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self levelling suspension

Adrian888 Apr 23, 2014

  1. Adrian888

    Adrian888 New Member

    Having picked up my new to me estate last friday I finally managed to have a bit of a play with the various buttons on my way to work this morning (been too ill over the weekend). Lo and behold it has self levelling suspension! This was not mentioned in the advert (then again, neither was the factory towbar) albeit it appears to my untrained 'eye' or 'feel' to work ok. I am aware self levelling is problematic on older A6's (Allroads) however what do I need to be aware of on a 2006 vintage car? (Without frightening the sh*t out of me!). For any other caravanners out there who also has the feature on their A6 how does it benefit towing and are there any problems with weights/nose weight etc

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