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selecting gears problem?? can any body help

uaps Jul 24, 2010

  1. uaps

    uaps New Member

    Hi there just got a audi s4 b5 99 plate today, it does have some issues usuall things for its age i.e speedo display , a couple of warning signs airbag and brake but need to find out why the gears are a bit vague, when trying to select a gear it takes a couple of a attempts to find it or get it in. does anyone have any experiance with this??? guy did say selector rod had been renewed if this helps. cheers
  2. andybnwc

    andybnwc Member

    S4 are a bit odd going 1-2 but it can be a shifter alignment problem jhm have a guide how to re-align , its the two hex bolts that hold the shifter rods to the shifter which can be accessed from inside the car . If that doesnt work then its a tranny rebuild.

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