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Seized screws and silver plating.

TED7 May 18, 2014

  1. TED7

    TED7 Couldn't Find Reverse Gear

    Getting a bit annoyed with how brake fasteners always weld themselves in. Has anyone tried using silver plated screws before to replace the original screws? I know they are used loads in aerospace where things do through heat cycling frequently (normally silver plate helicoils rather than screws though). Arguably they are a bit expensive and not easy to find but I'm curious if anyone has given them a go before.
  2. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    This is a curious idea, why not just use stainless steel if it is the disc retaining fastener you are meaning. Silver plating fastenings in aerospace, that is news to me, I'd think that any tightening/torqueing forces would strip that silver plating right off on initial assembly, though I could be wrong. If you are meaning calliper retaining bolts, then just use an antiseize paste, or even, if there is not too much heating up, Loctite as it will deny access to moisture into the threads, I tend to do that at times. I've seen serious pacification type stuff added to threads as a coating and extra strong shape of threads, but as yet, no silver plating.

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