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Seen an Audi a6 1.9 dIESEL - want to buy but can you make up my mind?Few worries

matt6561 Aug 14, 2011

  1. matt6561

    matt6561 New Member

    Hi, ill make this quick.

    Test drove nice A6 as need family car and is better value for money than most A4s out there today.
    In the history i discover Oct 09 " Possible gearbox slightly worn, monitor performance". This Owner( DAVE) had this car for 3 yrs leasing then bough outright.
    CAr sent to auction in June 11 ( reason unknown but after car check not writtn off or stolen.)
    Current owner (BOB) bought to sell and make £££ in June 11 from auction. He states he felt juddering and took to a Milton Kynes garage to replace multi clutch and paid £800 cash. He did not want VAT so did not receive receipt. I have to take this with a pinch of salt as you can imagine. He said he didnt make right decision and paid cash for this and a service and has not much room for profit, so a bum investment.
    Wife and i love the car and cant not sure whether it truth or not. Whether it could return in a few months or whatever. Car on 81k now. This is a very good car with everything we need at a good value.

    Bob the seller, since buying from auction in June, has not registered the car in his name and still remains in Dave's name from June!. Seems a bit suspect. What do you think? Just trying to reduce total ownerships? Or maybe not even his car to sell?


    -What will you take aobut this Clutch replacement without receipt and whether this may return?
    -Is the owner status dodgy as he kept this in former keepers name for two months or is this normal practice with traders?

    My fathers a retired mechanic ans says steer clear.
    I think to call clutch company for answers and call British auction company to confirm this car was sold at auction. Ask them can they tell me the reason and whether usualy practice to keept in former name. What do you think??

    Thanks for your time reading this. I look forward to a response.
    Hope to be an A6 owner soon. Matt
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    I buy and sell car and as a trader you don't need to re-register the car, the DVLA gets nottified that the car is in a trader possession and any tickets go to trader's address. If you don't like the car then don't buy, there's plenty fish in the sea...As with your father expertise, things have moved a bit since 1970 so the "old skool" rules do not actually apply anymore, there's different oil specs and such ! You'll be surprised what cars can be passed as fit for road...
  3. matt6561

    matt6561 New Member

    Thanks for your reply Adam.
    I sacked off this one after reading many faults with Multitronic gearboxes. I have now purchased a manual.
  4. crispin

    crispin Member

    defo do NOT buy, clearly gearbox / clutch issue. The guy bought in auction found problem and now trying to ditch, if you took car for long drive you would find issue too.

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