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Seems excellent price for an Audi service...

GT130 May 31, 2009

  1. GT130

    GT130 Member

    Following on from another cpl of threads this looks almost to good to be true seeing as spark plugs r included in the major service for £199 incl VAT

    Add to that £50 for the brake fluid and say £150 for the haldex comes to £400 all in when T&C specialist want £450 and Crawley Audi want £ 550 !

    Got to worth a go..
  2. WildBruce

    WildBruce Third Gear

    I know Audi are pushing cheaper services to get cars back in their service centres. Makes sense, as why loose out that business in these "tough times" to other business just because you mark up your oil at 800%.

    I got mine coming up in a week, need to start calling round for prices, and see what I can get. I am at 55K miles, so I think I may get my cam belt & water pump done.

    Need to also get a new log book, so I need to ask bout that as well.
  3. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    DIY and your looking at £120 ISH
  4. S3 HODGE

    S3 HODGE Brown passenger seat.

    Its £199 + £59 for longlife oil which you dont want.....Your better of doing it yourself and saving alot of money.

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