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Seeking Compensation for Broken Balance Shaft (Ref.2005 Audi A4 2.0Ltr Tdi)

Philip Jowitt Apr 30, 2011

  1. Philip Jowitt

    Philip Jowitt New Member

    In short, the Balance Shaft on my Audi broke.Audi are trying to say that they do not wish to pay or even contribute towards the repair cost. I WOULD LIKE ALL AUDI A4 2.0 Ltr Tdi OWNERS, with the SAME PROBLEM or EXPERIENCE, to contact me: Philipjow@btinternet.com. I bought my 55 registration car, Brand New, when I was 55 to see me through reliably. Here I am at 60 years old with Only 80,000 miles on the clock and a serious Well-Known fault developed. I have contacted the dealership where I bought the car and Audi UK Customer Services. I have written three letter including one to MrJeremy Hicks the managing director.I have supplied photos of the damaged parts, prior to repair, and the bills from the repair garage, after the job was carried out. Audi are refusing to acknowledge that there is a known fault with the Chain-Driven type of Balance Shaft fitted to their BLB engines on 2005 Audi 2.0Ltr Tdi's. I am looking for a MASS demonstration and Whatever it takes Publicity-wise to get Audi to cough up for thier poorly enineered, and totally Undurablle Chain-Driven Balance Shaft...Which incidently they have now replaced with a totally different Gear-Driven type of Balance Shaft.. I asked for a 50% contrbution towards the repair cost to my Audi (Little over £1000.00) I think that was being more than fair.I wish that the had been! Regards Phil, Clacton-on-Sea,Essex. (philipjow@btinternet.com)

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