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Security system on a 2000 S4

NigelS4 May 3, 2004

  1. NigelS4

    NigelS4 New Member

    I'm looking at replacing the security system on my 2000 S4. The standard system is ****. Are there any horror stories out there, or anything I need to be aware of before shopping around?

    Also, any recommendations for systems? ie. Is remote start worth it, or should I just go with a keyless entry?
  2. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    I guess it depends what you want it to do.

    There is no system that will prevent damage / theft from the car, or in fact theft of the car.

    The OEM system is Thatcham CAT2 (or so my insurers tell me) so it is fairly effective, however, there is some doubt about it given the recent RS4 thefts.

    I have tried a few systems on previous cars including Clifford (which I thouroughly don't reccommend due to false triggers, irritating faults and fiddly adjustment) Toad, which was simple and effective, but apart from the siren being louder, did little more than the OEM system and another, the name of which I forget. They all tend to annoy by trying to do too much and if you buy a top spec clifford, you'll probably switch most of the features off as they are really irritating. Particularly avoid the proximity sensor, it hasn't worked on 3 hard top cars I have tried it on with any usefulness. The only useful application was on a convertible. Remote start??? Yuk, means leaving the handbrake on all the time and the car out of gear /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    My view - put your money into tracker or similar, keep OEM system and save the hassle and irritation of these systems.
  3. NigelS4

    NigelS4 New Member

    Thanks for the comments.
  4. teknobod

    teknobod Member

    I have to disagree with David's comments about Clifford. Early systems did have a few minor problems but the biggest cause of problems with Clifford alarms is the cowboy fitters just "throwing" them into cars and not taking the time to fit them properly.
    I've had Clifford alarms on my last 5 cars (plus 3 of my wife's cars) with no problems at all (all fitted with proximity sensors). Although I'm not saying they're faultless, they certainly aren't as troublesome as people make out when fitted correctly. The reason they cost so much is the prices quoted by Clifford allow for the dealers to spend the time on fitting but some dealers see a quick buck if they can get it fitted quicker which is false economy as the customer then has to bring the car back to have it "adjusted" regularly or removed when they get that brassed off.

    There are also other cheaper systems out there which are worth buying such as Toad, Laserline but I'm sure even these systems will have their share of owners who would "never buy one again"

    IMHO an alarm installation is only as good as the fitter installing it. Try and get recommendations from friends on a good installation company.

    Just my 2p worth.


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