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  1. Just been ringing round for quotes for the second variable service and thought the prices might be of interest to anyone in my area.
    Prices are for a 2.0TDi with manual gear box.

    Warrington - £232.41
    Bolton, Smith Knight Fay - £255.03
    Lancaster Audi (in Manchester) -£340.00

    Bolton have matched Warrington so it will be going there as it is more convenient for me.

    I was told ages ago that they all use the same pricing structure, so I can't understand why it is so much dearer at Lancaster Audi.
  2. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    I've just been calling around for quotes for a new set of front brake pads and a fluid change..
    Lancaster Audi Manchester: £191.57
    Macclesfield Audi: £189.56
    Smith Knight Fay Stockport: £262.53 - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Warrington Audi: £228.54
    Awesome GTi: £169.20 (Audi OEM)

    I refuse to ever go bak to SKF in Bolton - EVER!!!!

    Interesting bit: Lancaster and Macc both charge £114.56 for pads, but slightly diff price for fluid change.
  3. Japper

    Japper Ibis S3 Fan Club

    Lon, how many miles you covered to have worn out the front pads ?. Last time I checked mine at 15k they wer like brand new. I hate these new hard pads that wear your discs out quicker than the blo*dy pads.
  4. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    ooooo i would NEVER go to lancaster audi in manchester if i were you.. unless you want directional tyres put on the wrong way that is!!!! seriously they are a bunch of mongs there!!!

    why would you not go to bolton again Lon? I went there last (as will never use lancaster audi again ever) and i found they did wuite well - better than lancaster anyway.
  5. adamrawling

    adamrawling Member

    Lon, why do you refuse to use SMF Bolton?

    I bought my car and have it serviced there. Was are your concerns? (I've found them okay to be honest).
  6. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    Japper - I've done 55000miles and the brake pad warning light has just come on.

    Steve and Adam - It all started when they reversed my car into a wall when it was in for a service. It's gone down hill since then. They are incompetent. It hurts too much to delve back into the history. Lancaster are pretty good on the basics, Links Audi in Macc are the bees knees though. I just wish they were closer to me. I still take my car there for servicing even though it is a good 3 hour round trip.

    I'll never go back to SKF in Bolton.
  7. marctwo

    marctwo Member

    You are so lucky. Docklands Audi wanted well over £400 for the 2nd AVS on my S3 and that didn't even include Haldex oil change!!!

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