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Seat Inca Build

Puddin May 13, 2013

  1. Puddin

    Puddin Member

    hello again...

    been a while since i posted on here and this is going to be my first build thread..

    i bought myself i Seat Inca 1.9tdi '99reg.

    plans are to get it slammed, ibiza mk2 front end custom paint and still be usefull as a van.
    i will get pics up as soon as i can but already work has started on it..
    has anyone on here every owned and modified one if so some hints and tips would be lovely..

    ill get pics up tonight of how i got it and whats been done so far, but for now this is all i can say.

    thanks again if anyone is going to give me tips and i welcome some creative critisism or even a good slagging off beacause its a

    S.hed E.ven A.fter T.lc

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