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Seat Fault

silver90 Jan 29, 2011

  1. silver90

    silver90 New Member

    Hi Im New To the Forum. Hello everybody.

    Can Someone Please please Help me,

    My audi s3 Seat Has Played up.

    It will Raise up and Down, The Lumbar Support operates, But it will not recline back of forward.

    One of my friends Valeted the Vehicle and he's quiet large, He reclined the back right back, and when i went to recline it forward it would, until i put pressure on the back and then it kicked into life and reclined forward... But unfortunately i went so far forward i cant even get in the car now as its right forward and wont recline Back Again. :( I have the Seat out of the Car but to behonest i Don't no where to start .

    Please Help.

    If it helps Its a 51 plate Face Lift, with recaro, half leather half yellow material.

    Also to safe me reposting, Im after getting a remap. I don't want to change the standard exhaust, What sort of bhp is likely ? also is a dumpvalve /diverter valve recommended ?

    Thank you Chris,
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2011
  2. silver90

    silver90 New Member

    Thank you to the Forum, searched through your previous posts,

    All diagnosed, where the wires to the motor pass through the hinged part of the seat, when the valet man reclined it fully must have just finished cables of, as one cable is completely broken, and another wire is nearly broken through.

    Just better search up on my tuning posts.

  3. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Can you post a link for where you found that? My driver's seat slowly stopped reclining back and forth, so now it's stuck how I like it, but a bit to far back for some other people who drive it (ma, bird etc). Wouldn't mind getting it sorted before I sell her on.

    Same problem as you, I used to be able to push the back of the wire in and it would work, but that's stopped now too.
  4. silver90

    silver90 New Member

    I'D have to search again, Basically Take the seat out, remove the lower side trims, you will see where the seat back pivot point and a bunch of cables 3 or 4 i think with out, mine where broken there, also which made me think of it was when i pushed the switch in and interior light was on it would dim the light, Basically a sign of Shorting out.

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