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Seat back motor fixed. Recaro. S3

mhr1972 Jan 3, 2010

  1. mhr1972

    mhr1972 Member

    For all those with recaro's and maybe your seat back motor is not working on S3 then maybe read on:

    After stripping the seat out and apart i found a connector from the circuit board to the motor hidden in the seat frame at the bottom. This had come un-done. The harness from the curcuit board does not go strait to the seat back motor but to bottom of seat frame, then a second lead up into rear of seat to motor.

    Was in the end a simple fix.
    I shall post this for anybody in future doing a search and solve without completely stipping like me(!)
  2. DJ_Troopa

    DJ_Troopa K1 Driver

    Which back motor is this? You talking about that big bulge that pokes you in the back when you press the button? lol.

    My one gets stuck sometimes and the big bulge starts 'clicking' in 1 spot as if it can't go any further. But after a few more presses on the switch it then starts moving again? Would you know about that by any chance? :)


  3. mhr1972

    mhr1972 Member

    Not the lumba support. The seat back/forward adjustment was inop. Whilst inside the seat i saw the lumba adjustment is moved on a greased wire. Maybe this has got dirty or no longer greased(?). Just a thought?

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