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searching 4 parts and advice

vince, A3 turbo Sep 29, 2010

  1. vince, A3 turbo

    vince, A3 turbo Member

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    hi every 1 im new to asn and was hoping to get some advice on were i can get some parts and if any 1 thinks its worth changing them and if i will get any gains,i have a a3 turbo so was thinking about putting a s3 inlet on it so i dont need as much pipe work when i run a fmic and what air filter would any 1 sugest,,im geting a remap soon but want to make a few little changes before i do so to get a bit more out of it,what remaps would you suggest? i was thinking s3 inlet,cda air filter,,front mount intercooler,007 diverter and a 3 inch down pipe with decat then back to normal size rear section and back box..i still need all the parts listed above so if any 1 can point me in the right direction that wuld be great,ive got an eye out on ebay but not to much about..thanks alot,,
  2. AARON77

    AARON77 Well-Known Member

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    hi bro its bout time you got on here, there lots of good ppl on here that will give you some sound advice im sure? as you know ive got a revo on my s3 but was thinking is it severe on the a3 compared to the s3, has any1 else got a revo on an a3 and wots it like????

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