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  1. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

  2. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Hi Carl,

    Hope you and the gang are keeping well mate.

    The Sealey is a rotary and yes, there is a big knack to it. For car polishing you are looking for rotary speeds in the region 600/900 rpm - 2000ish rpm. The lowest speed on the Sealey is 1400 rpm, so refining any polishing may be difficult, depending on the severity of swirling you are trying to remove. This is particularly true for your A4's clearcoat.

    I'd buy a Dual Action if I was you. A bit more expensive but a lot safer, but still very very capable. Having done the paint correction on your two cars last summer myself, you should get through the wsirls no bother with a DA. The A4 saloon in particular has most panels resprayed (except the roof IIRC) and has a very soft clearcoat. That I do remember!

    Polishing pads for both the A4 and S4. Menzerna 106FA polish will give get rid of minor swirls on both cars if worked slowly enough to a good degree of correction. Light pressure on the soft A4 and medium-firm pressure on the original-paint S4.

    I think one of the Polished Bliss Guides give some more detailed analaysis on machining with a DA, as do some of the threads over on Detailing World.

    Hope this is of some help.

  3. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member


    I dont have the S4 anymore - another solid black saloon! But was hopefully not looking to buy another bit of kit. The new saloon has a few swirls, and although the wash (double bucket !) and carnuba wax bring it up nicely, the swirls are still there, and to be honest annoying the hell out of me!

    Cheers, and all the best...

  4. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    As John says, a dual action machine like the Meguiars G220 is going to be a lot safer and easier to work with; I think the Sealey would prove to be a bad choice due to the machine speeds available. Menzerna 106FA on a Menzerna Polishing Pad gets my vote to for minor correction on new Audi paint. :icon_thumright:

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