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seafoam engine cleaner

lockcar Mar 31, 2011

  1. lockcar

    lockcar New Member

    Hi all.
    Just bought a can of seafoam engine cleaner and im going to use it only in the fuel tank. Just wondering if anyone else has used it and how much to use?
    On the site it tella u how much seafoam to use per diesel...but not how much u should use altogether. Ive heard a whole tank of fuel then how ever many litres that is to just add the seafoam up? Car is a a3 2.0 diesel turbo 2005 with 120,000 on the clock.
    Thanks for any help in advance
  2. markie A3

    markie A3 Member

    I've never heard of seafoam, my ignorance I guess.. I normally run Forte in mine, seems to work a treat. Can you tell me where I can get get soe from to try
  3. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    hi on the bottle it recommends you use 1/3 of a bottle per 70ltr of fuel from memory i have used it on my van it works
    why are you not using it in vac system also????
    and in oil?????
    the whole point it is a full engine system treatment not just a fuel system treatment.
  4. escobar.0797

    escobar.0797 New Member

    I totally agree with antmax7.I've used it on two of my A4 1.8T and going to use it on my VRS soon(just ordered it).For me it works wonders.I always use 1 can and split it in 3(fuel tank,vacuum lines and engine).Usualy run with seafoam in the engine for good 50-60 miles.Go for it,mate!

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