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SE suspension upgrade

Johnny31 Sep 27, 2013

  1. Johnny31

    Johnny31 New Member

    Hi Guys,
    My first post on this forum, although I was a careful reader so far... :) Owning the A6 avant SE and so far happy with the choice. Nonetheless, I would like to cover a few what-ifs... Asked on other forums without success so here we go:
    - other than the (obvious) springs, what is the difference between the suspension on SE/S-Line/sport? (and no, I'm not looking for "it is 20/30mm lower" :));
    - has anybody tried KW coilover Street Comfort on A6?

    Again, my A6 is great to drive as it is and this might be a few years down the road project, just to keep the interest... :p


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