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SE or Sport Suspension and 17" alloys

cdb2 Oct 30, 2004

  1. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Couldn't get on with the jittery ride of the A3 Sportback Sport with its lowered sports suspension so am looking at getting an A3 Sportback SE.

    The SE come as standard with 16" alloys with 205/55 tyres, the Sport with 17" alloys with 225/45 tyres.

    I'm personally not a fan of the standard SE or Sport alloys, so will be upgrading to the 5 Spoke Star Design 17" alloys with 225/45 tyres.

    I'm assuming that if I fitted the 17" alloys to the SE that the SE ride would be unchanged or be somewhere between the normal SE with its 16" alloys and the Sport with its 17" alloys and sports suspension??? The dealer thought an SE with 17" would be 95% the same as an SE with 16", i.e. wouldn't have the hard ride of the Sport????? Has anyone done this? I just don't want to fit 17" alloys to the SE and find it rides like the Sport - hopefully the jittery ride of the Sport is caused by the lowered Sports suspension????

    Anyone else find the Sport suspension too jittery?

    Do Sport and SE models have about the same resale (list is the same)?

  2. putting lower profile tyres on will make the ride worse no matter what car it is.
  3. huggis

    huggis New Member

    Went through the same dilema on an A6, ended up putting 18" alloys on instead of 17's, which I wish I hadn't! Also had an A4 with 16s then one with 17's and the ride on the 17's was very poor. Pity they can't get thier act together in this area!!

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