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hitz Dec 7, 2009

  1. hitz

    hitz New Member

    Hi guys, I have a problem

    I have A4 cab and have RNS-E with VIM hack and SDS Hack

    SDS has been working great until I have just install OEM bluetooth

    The BT device has Voice Control coded off control via RNS-E

    When I code the RNS-E for BT - SDS does not work

    I have 2 mic's one i had for the SDS wired into the RNS-E and the other with the BT kit (wired into the BT kit).

    If i activate the BT voice Control i can use it no problems (but this doesnt control the RNS-E obviously).

    If i recode RNS-E to think there is no BT then reset i can use SDS again, if however i use my phone the BT device uses the system and then SDS doesnt work again, until i rest RNS-E.

    I know that people have wired one mic to both RNS-E and BT , and some have wired to the RNS-E and then use mic outputs to the BT mic input (daisy chain)

    This would indicate that you could really use 2 seperate mics, right?

    Anyone have any ides why my SDS wont work when coded to BT?

    BT coding - 0011702
    RNS-E coding -0413117 without BT coding

    Thanks in advance
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    BT Coding should be 11822 for BT with SDS and MFSW and 11802 when controlled by the RNS-E.

    Also you should not have two mics, one mic should feed the RNS-E and then the mic out of the RNS-E should feed the phone mic in.
  3. hitz

    hitz New Member

    Thanks Craig.

    The BT coding was coded correctly, not sure what was going on but i daisy chained the mic and seems to be working now.

    I guess the RNS-E senses and open connection in the MIC out lines and doesn't use the MIC input

    either which way you cant have 2 mic's

    thanks again

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