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SD Reader & SD Cards

Simon1 Jun 23, 2011

  1. Simon1

    Simon1 New Member

    Hello All

    I have had the A5 Cab now for 6 weeks and just can't get my bum on the drivers seat; my wife beats me to it every time..

    There is an SD Reader in the dash and I wanted to find out where I can find instructions on how load music files on to it and what to do with this once I have music on it?

    Your guidance, suggestions/advice would be appreciated.


  2. mja4cab

    mja4cab Member

    Hi mate,I too have a A5 Cab and i absolutely love it!
    As you can see i also owned a A4 Cab.
    Regarding the card reader,firstly get yourself down to argos and get an 8 gig sd card for about £15, 8 gig will be ok no more(see your manual) as the hard drive only has this spare memory,well mine does as i have mmi high spec,then put the card into your laptop or pc then transfer your tunes onto it(will hold a lot of music),i have 4 of these cards(lot of sounds!!!),then when you have done that insert into one of the slots,press media button then source then import music.all done.
    I also hook up my iphone 4 in the glove box,for ipod but works on my phone also so another 10 gig there.
    Good luck!
    Regards Mark.
  3. iwBen

    iwBen Be Gentle VCDS Map User

    Hey Simon!

    Can get a 16GB one for £15 from Amazon!
    SanDisk 16Gb SDHC SecureDigital High Capacity Card - Frustration Free Packaging: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

    You'll also need a card reader to load the files onto the cards from your computer. If you've got a relatively new laptop then chances are you already have one so check all the sides for a little slot before you grab one of those! You can also use the majority of camera's as an SD-card reader, by plugging the camera into the computer and putting the SD card in the camera, you can often copy files onto card.

    Once you've got an SD card and a way to access it from your computer, copy the tracks that you want on! It's dead simple, the track names come up as the file names so sort them out if they're long/messy. You can also organize them into folders for separate artists/playlists/etc. This is all manual, just the layout of folders and file names. You can't have a folder inside a folder if I remember rightly, and there is a limit to the total number of files and folders (though its very very high). Maximum sized SD card is 32GB.

    As a side note, if you have a DVD-based navigation you can also copy your navigation DVD to an SD card! This dramatically decreases load times- it's effectively just as fast as the hard drive based system this way. Note on this though- the manual and computer both say you need at least an 8GB card, but the 2011 maps need a bigger one (16 GB). Also, you can't have your music and your maps on one SD, you'll need two if you want to do both :) (hence why there's two slots!)

    Hope that helps!
  4. Brewster

    Brewster New Member

    Does anyone know if an SDHC card should work in an A5 3.0TDi on a 57 plate? I pop the card in but the system just doesn't even see it there saying no card inserted. If not I'll have to hunt down an old style SD.
  5. EAndy

    EAndy New Member

    SDHC Cards don't work from what I was told (after buying an 8 gig one...) did try it in my B7 RS4 and yep... didn't work.

    Apparently needs to be the standard SD card.
  6. Brewster

    Brewster New Member

    Cheers. My local Tesco are doing standard 2Gb SD cards for £5 at the mo. I can confirm that these *do* work.
  7. splatty

    splatty New Member

    I use a Trascend 4GB one in my A4. I seem to remember the early cars had a few issues with card types, but these have probably been addressed.

    SDHC is deffo a no no.
  8. Scuffers

    Scuffers New Member

    SDHC cards work in MMI3 no problem (on S4/S5 etc), I have been using 32G ones no problem.

    Yes, you can't copy that much to HD, but why bother, just leave the card in and use that.

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