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SD Cards & RNS-E

Cali Mar 16, 2009

  1. Cali

    Cali Member

    ****Also posted in A3 8P section*****

    Hi guys
    I got my RNS-E installed this weekend (its brilliant) still waiting on my manual so lots of guess work and trial and error.


    I have a few ScanDisk Ultra II 2.0GB cards but when I insert them they only show 192mb on the display.
    I have searched the site for related problems:
    - ScanDisk doesn't list these cards as SDHC
    - I have formatted the cards to FAT32 - numerous times

    Any help really appreciated.

    I couldn't install the Phatnoise because RNS-E doesn't seem to have a CD type plug - Any ideas?


    Oh does anyone know how to get my DIS to display the old info - Trip, mpg etc instead of Navigation info?
    Thank you again

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