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Screw in tyre. Repairable?

Markb May 1, 2004

  1. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    As subject I picked up a self tapping screw in my front tyre this morning (tyre only 2000 miles old /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif ) Anyway I tried to take it out, but that's what's holding the tyre up.

    Can you repair tyres if they have got a hole in like this? Or is it a new tyre?

    Typical the car is up for sale on Thursday and it might need a new tyre that I won't benefit from /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/burningmad.gif
  2. S3BeemerBeater

    S3BeemerBeater Member

    It can be repaired by the likes of Kwikfit et al as long as it's not in the wall or too lose to the wall.

  3. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    How do they repair it then?

    As they can't put a tube in. Do they patch it?
  4. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    They drill a clean hole with the tyre off the wheel, then use a rubber bung and feed it through the hole from the inside of the tyre. Excess is taken off and tyre put back on with new balance etc........and away you go.
  5. recomdos

    recomdos Active Member

    if anyone knows the feeling of being peed off when it comes to tyres it's me! I caught my Goodyear F1 (18") on a little brick I use to prop my garage door open with typically on the side wall - rip! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif GUTTED as it had loads of life left in it! but I guess it's just one of them things ain't it? I'm paranoid now everytime I reverse her home to bed.........
  6. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    Damage to the side wall of tyre is terminal, screws in the centre of the running tread is repairable either by plugging or vulcanising. If the screw is on the shoulder of the tread the tyre is scrap, this is because the shoulder deforms when you go over a bump or while you are cornering, so effecting apermanent repair is impossible.
  7. cbass

    cbass Member

    Many times they also put thick patch on the inside of the tire where the hole is. Sometimes, this works better than plugging it because you are left with nothing at all showing on the outside. They of course have to rebalance it after this.

    BTW, as stated earlier, this only works if the hole is in the tread of the tire away from the sidewall.
  8. pwnorman

    pwnorman Member

    If its in the middle section of the tyre it will be ok.If not in approx the middle third of the tyre your buggerd things like this have happend on nearly every car owend it last happend on xmas eve try getting a tyre then.

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