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screen wash smell

jpda4 Jan 14, 2014

  1. jpda4

    jpda4 Member

    Hi all, looking for advice..... help....

    for the last few days whenever use the screen wash getting a rotten egg smell coming into the cabin.
    always use screen wash fluid and fresh water, not always measure as per instruction, think the last top up was close to 50/50 mix

    for now its not to bad but want to catch this before it gets worse

    looking for suggestions on easiest way to flush the system through and what to use...
    dont think emptying a full reservoir using the pump would be a good idea to flush through
    would putting the hose pipe in the tank and letting it run for 15 min be enough

    thanks in advance

    forgot to mention its a 61 plate 2.0 tdi a4
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2014
  2. Rodders.

    Rodders. Active Member

    I've dumped whole tanks using the pump before

    Halfords do some scented stuff, its pretty strong, chuck some of that in there?

    Dunno if you can put bleach or anything in to help kill of the bacteria?
  3. Anthony566

    Anthony566 Active Member

    I had this with my last A4 and I just put clear water through for two full washer bottle loads then filled with neat Audi screen wash for a week and then reduced it to a 50/50 mix for a while and this sorted it ... But it did stink really bad and I can only assume I had mixed to makes of screen wash that didn't mix well and created some bacteria in the water.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2014
  4. jpda4

    jpda4 Member

    thanks chaps,

    think the cause might have been something black on the filter, deceased/drown fly/spider....
    removed filter and put hose pipe in left it run for a while, part emptied using the pump and added neat additive smell for now has all gone.....

    still in searching for the bottle though, guess its hidden between the inner wing and wheel arch liner

    going to run this to empty then put some good stuff measured to the correct ratio
  5. SJC

    SJC Active Member

    Interesting post. I have this smell normally when the car had been heating up for a short while whilst driving. Never put it down to screen wash though. Have been thinking it's the car and cat. Had it since May and it's done 17,500 so due it's 2at service soon. It's a 2.0tdi engine. But never had this smell with any other derv cars and have had 5 now over the past few years due to the millage I do.
  6. SI-W85

    SI-W85 Well-Known Member

    Try using Milton steriliser through it then water for a tank, should be good after that :)
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  7. jaygemson

    jaygemson Active Member

    This ^^^

    I had this problem all the time with my mk2 Focus RS, minging. Dissolve a sterlising tablet (e.g. Milton, or Boot's own etc) and chuck that in the washer bottle. When you next come back to the car the smell's gone.
  8. SJC

    SJC Active Member

    Thanks for replies.

    I used the search function and i think this is the most realistic answer. As no fault codes are displayed on the dash and you would not expect problems with a cat after only 8 months.

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