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hfu Oct 17, 2003

  1. hfu

    hfu Member

    Hi, I couldn't found much info on this board regarding what to do about scratches.
    Some d**k made a fine key scratch on the bonnet... not that deep but not light, so just enough to be annoying!!!
    I think its gone down to the primer (like a fine white line), and you can just about catch your finger on it.

    Anyone got any advice on what to do!

    Chatted to a bodyshop and they reckon a friggin respray (200-300 squids).
  2. mramage

    mramage Member


    I'd agree. Re-spray is probably best, but you could try chips-away. I'm a little wary of them, but some folks have had good experience.
  3. RSAudi

    RSAudi Member

    Tried chips-away on my wifes (metallic) car after a keying and they did an absolutely aweful job. I personally would not use them again but guess that metallic is a pig to do. My two pennies.
  4. peanut

    peanut New Member

    Chipsaway did an ace job on my metallic S3 bumper and alloys (and I'm pretty fussy about these things).
    Must depend on how good your local guy is I think.
  5. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    Well it really depends how deep it's gone, I personally would spend an hour or so trying to polish it out first, as you'd be surprised what can be polished away!

    Somebody scratched my BMW with a key the whole length of the rear quarter just after it had been replaced afetr a crash, luckily they mangaed to polish it almost completely out even though it was down to the primer.
  6. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    hfu - You could try Farecle G3, most good car parts places sell it. Partco etc. Its mainly used by the trade, but is very good at polishing out scratches. You have to be carefull with it though as it can take off quite a lot of paint / laquer if youre not carefull. Its a very course product.

    Ive found in the past, (not on my S3 though) If you use some very very fine wet and dry 1200 and above, to flat the paintwork, then use the G3 whether it be by mechanical application or by hand, followed by T-cut then a good coat of wax, as long as your careful and take your time then you can polish most scratches out. Obviously youll be wasting your time though if the bisards have scratched right through to the primer. If they have then youll have to fill the scratch first with paint. Say a touch up pen, wait for it to harden overnight then do the above.

    It takes a steady hand but is possible, I polished out where some git had keyed both sides of my Astra GTE a few years ago.

    Good luck.


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