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scratched glass A3

steve184 Jun 25, 2004

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Got up this morning and found some bird had done doodoo's on my brand newcar - luckily i thought its only on glass so shud be a bit easier to get off than paint (was quite hard and dry). So i hose it mostly off but bits still remained and i thought glass is quite tough so i scratched it lightly with my fingernail until it was clean then rinsed it. Now ****** me the glass is now scratched!!!! I'm not being funny but you shudnt be abel to scratch bloody glass with ur fingernail surely! softest bloody glass they using anyway!

    So now what I want to know is how i can get rid of it? What do other people do cos im sure other people out there get minor scuffs on windscreen which gets on ur nerves when sun catches it. Mine is just a small area and very light indeed (can only see it really from inside - cant see it from outside that well thats how light it is).

    Does anyone know of any magic cures or have i ballsed up a perfectly good brand new scratch free piece of glass!!!!??!


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