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Scrap road pricing and travel tax

scib4 Jan 12, 2007

  1. scib4

    scib4 Beep-Beep!


    Guys - we need to get this round everyone unless we want to be paying even more to use our vehicles than we currently do.

    So far there are over 327,221 folk signed up! [​IMG]

    Lets get this up on as many forums as possible and say NO to the thievin blaghards! [​IMG]


  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Personally I'd be happy to pay more if it would get half the wankers off the roads and relieve congestion (M6 toll road - bloody brilliant). The problem is that as there is no realistic alternative to most journeys, trains take twice as long, buses forget it. I always take the train up to London and it's brilliant (1 hour 10 mins from Southampton to Waterloo, couldn't get near that even with a Veyron), but as for any other journeys you're looking at twice the travelling/fannying about time.
    It makes me laugh when you hear politicians and the green party banging on about cars on the roads like we just use our cars to go for a drive for fun!
    There's apparently no alternative in the commercial haulage business either, which is half the problem, get the HGV's off the road and the problem of congestion goes away (along with all the major motorway closures). That's not going to happen. So, yes as it stands it is just a further tax on the motorist as it won't reduce congestion at all (just as speed cameras haven't reduced accidents).
    I'm all for making motoring more expensive, it's ridiculous that someone can buy a deathtrap for less than the price of a train ticket, add £300 for tax & insurance and be on the road for a year, but this is not the way to do it. When they can't even introduce ID cards because of upsetting people with something to hide, how are they honestly expecting to introduce mandatory black box technology in every vehicle, tracking your every move? It'll just send motoring even further underground with even more unregistered/uninsured ******** out there.
    But do we honestly think a petition is going to have any effect?

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