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Scary events.

simkna Aug 31, 2004

  1. simkna

    simkna New Member

    Driving home late last night, turned on rear demist, backed out of car park and set off down road. A couple of minutes later, could smell hot buring smell. Instinctively turned off demister as it was the only thing I thought could be hot. Thought I must have imagined it and thought nothing more of it. About 5 minutes later, just driving along when BANG!! The back window just exploded!! Scared the bejesus out of me I can tell you. Managed to crawl home with at least some of the window in place, but shattered. Worst thing of all - my Audi-Sport.net sticker is toast. Anybody here heard of similar happening?

    Si "Brown Trousers" Knapton
  2. porker968

    porker968 Member

    Seen this happen on BMW's before's, try and get Audi to replace it under warranty.

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