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Sat Nav sound quality

imported_christhick Oct 6, 2005

  1. What is the sound quality like for a circa 1999 A6 sat nav system?

    Are they all Bose or do I need to look out for a certain Sat Nav system over another when buying an A6.

    On last thing, can you upgrade the software and play CDs while navigating?
  2. mikeA2B

    mikeA2B Member

    Hi Chris,

    I fitted the original Navigation Plus to my A4, it originally had a concert without Bose.
    Theres a few forums about for Nav+ DIY-ers try these links:

    I have to say that providing you wire up the unit properly you will be impressed with the sound quality, I fitted a DVD changer which also plays MP3's and when watching a movie with dolby or surround sound it's almost like having a home cinema system in your car!

    you would probably need to configure the head unit to suit Bose or non-Bose via Vag-com when you install it.

    You will definately need to get the right unit for the car! if you dont it wont fit into your centre console properly without having to butcher it, visit the forums and you should find a link with a list of models and versions to suit each car.

    The CD slot on the Navigation head unit does NOT play CDs this is for the firmware and mapdisks, so you will need at least a CD changer if you want to listen to more than just the radio, which also answers your question on map updates etc (yes they are updates)

    You can listen to radio / CD changer / watch TV or DVD whilst navigating, you can also adjust the voice of the navigation to suit your preference, also add a TMC box which will display the street name and navigation arrows on your DIS too!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. gizze

    gizze Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    What is the sound quality like for a circa 1999 A6 sat nav system?

    Are they all Bose or do I need to look out for a certain Sat Nav system over another when buying an A6.

    On last thing, can you upgrade the software and play CDs while navigating?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Go for the RNS-E, the DVD version unit, this will allow you to play MP3 using SD cards in the unit and will give you loads of info on the screen too. You can play cds in the unit but you need a changer or if you use the haed unit you can't than navigate. I have not bothered with a changer and the only time I put a cd in is if I want better quality than an MP3 can provide. Having said that it was only because MP3 can be a little harsh on the stock system.

    I just changed the front speakers and was going to put a Genesis Profile 2 amp in as well, but so happy with the results I may not bother now. I wrote a small review on tyresmoke about the speakers, they are Rainbow SLC-265's, this is what I had to say about them......

    Putting the mid driver in was really easy, these are designed to fit in the original spaces and have loads of holes pre drilled so it was just a case of mathing them up with the fixing points in the door panel and using the screws from the original speakers.
    The crossover is not too deep and I just used some strong double sided sticky foam and stuck it just above the speaker.
    The tweeters in the A6 are held in place with a metal clip, and the new ones fitted in perfectly.
    If it had not been dark I reckon the whole thing could be done in 40mins to an hour, in the dark it took a little longer, nearer 2!

    The crossover has 3 setting for the tweeter, -0db, -3db and -6db. I left it at -0db but I may set this to -3 and see how it compares. -6db is really only for when fitting them in the rear so you get full range in the back but it won't interfere with the front soundstage.

    So how do they sound?

    I better just say that I have already disconnected the rear tweeters, which gave a much better soundstage, just the rear mids work and the crappy sub, but is good enough for rear fill.

    Well I listened to a Diana Krall track that I know well on my home setup before putting the speakers in and it sounded OK, listenable but a bit too shrill and nasal sounding, and no weigtht to the double bass at all.

    I then listened to the same track again with the new speakers in. First thing I noticed was how clean her voice was, no longer sounded like she had a cold, the bass came in and it had proper weight to it, and not only that you could actually hear when the notes changed properly. Then when the percussion kicks in the soundstage just opens up, although these tweeters are smooth there is so much more detail there it is amazing.

    The standard speakers start to drop off around 80Hz, these things start to drop off around the 50Hz mark, so a much fuller sound altogether.

    I tried a variety of tracks from The Zutons, James Zabelia, Sasha, Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum, Bowie, Einaudi and then the radio, they all sounded great in fact the radio sounded excellent with studio chat, you can really tell if a speaker is good when people are just talking and when you hear applause it either sounds right or wrong, these do a pretty good job.

    To be honest I am so pleased with the sound as it is at the moment that I may not bother adding an amp. For just over £150 I am really pleased with the results.
  4. Thanks for your help lads.

    I intend to buy a circa 2000 4.2 A6 with Sat nav already installed so I was really wondering if the sound quality would be ok or if I could upgrade the speakers etc easily enough.

    I'm guessing from your comments that the Sat Nav can either be Bose or Non Bose.

    May be non bose is better as then I can easily upgrade the speakers.
  5. gizze

    gizze Member

    The Nav+ has line outs and speaker outs, if you have Bose the head unit uses the line outs to teh amp in the rear and that drives all the speakers and sub. If you have non bose the front speakers are driven by the head unit and the rears are driven by an amp in the boot.

    I would go with non bose everytime, adding £150 speakers then makes it sound so, so, so much better than Bose. Bose has alot of top end and it just sounds shrill to me, and then the bass, it is really just some noise that sort of farts around doing nothing in particular! Very strange.

    It is different on other cars though and in an A3 it sounds quite good?!
  6. Cheers Gizze,

    I'll hopefully find one with non-bose but can I upgrade one with Bose?

    Also is the Sat Nav + driven by DVDs or CDs, and can this be upgraded to play DVD maps and films.

    Sorry for all the questions
  7. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Bose is more difficult to upgrade as you basically have to replace the Bose amp and the speakers at the same time (as they are 2 ohm impedance). You can run 4 ohm speakers off the amp but this will put additional strain on it (I guess).
    You can just add a sub to the Bose system without touching anything else, which provides a massive improvement.

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