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(Sat nav)Snooper indago vs tomtom go700

Arf Mar 30, 2006

  1. Arf

    Arf Member

    Hi any 1 got either of these products im looking to buy 1 but cant decide would appreciate any help or personal view on the products cheers.
    Does any1 know if the tomtomgo700 speed camera facility is good or not.
  2. Ive got the 700, and am very very happy with it.. cant comment on the snooper one though as ive never used it.

    The 700 - putting the speed camera function on was a doddle, it also alerts you to the places where they tend to park with temporary cameras, and to traffic light cameras etc as well.. and with a different sound allocated for each different type so you know what you are approaching.. plenty of notice too, and you can also see the camera show up on the map before it even gives you the alert..

    its very easy, and clear to use.. I was particularly pleased with it when using it in France (a regular thing for me now, and the main reason why I went for 700 rather than 500, as it has a nice big hard drive with all of europe already in place) - it know about driving on the right, gets its lane messages right for junctions etc, and means you can simply concentrate on the driving..

    have just got a new car, without a phone kit installed, and have enabled the bluetooth on the 700 and am using the tom tom hands-free function - works perfectly with my nokia 6230i..

    the night mode is excellent, clear without being intrusive.. I played with alternative voices on it but theyre just daft! (though I didnt mind Joanna Lumley: 'Turn left, sweetie'!)

    The 500 & 700 have a faster processor - and ive certainly always been happy with its speed - a friends ipaq based one seems very clunky by comparison, and was why I went for the 700 despite already having an hx4700 ipaq!

    the 700 comes with a remote, which to be fair i never thought I would use - but it gets used loads! the kids really like being able to set up routes etc, and they can do this from the back seat with the remote..

    SOund quality is excellent, nice and loud, but still clear, not a 'tinny' sound at all. good for the hands free function too.

    You can change the screen layout to suit - mine I keep mostly standard, but I do have the 'display current speed' option turned on

    Battery life is very good, several hours before a charge required..

    overall, had it about 8months I think, and not a single criticism! the only time speed camera alerting is a pain is on the m25, theres just so many of them!

    I would HATE to be without it now..

    Hope that helps..
  3. Arf

    Arf Member

    Thanks alot for the heads up thats sounds very gd to be honest for the price difference a might just go get the 700 but i think i will wait a few more days to see if any can tell me about the indago

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