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Sat Nav: RNS-E or TomTom 300/500???

mikeclark007 Feb 18, 2006

  1. mikeclark007

    mikeclark007 Member

    Hi all.

    Simple question. I just had a go with the tomTom 300 to navigate my way over a few hour journey in Yorkshire and find it quite good but i've had no experience of Audi's own RNS-E Sat Nav Plus system.

    For those who know - regardless of cost which is deemed better? Consider:

    - Reliability
    - Ease of use
    - Visual appearance

  2. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    The RNS looks superb, is easy to use and as reliable as any other system. It doesn't, at present, support POI, or points of interest, e.g. speed camera overlays etc. It does have a very big screen when compared to the likes of TomTom and will be less likely to attract scrotes with bricks wishing to acquire said item.

    RNS also has the ability to display your phone calls when linked via the bluetooth adaptor, and will also display the info in the DIS.

    RNS also has a cd player and 2 x sd card slots for your mp3s.

    So what's the downside? Well, quite simply the £2.5k that Audi expect you to pay. Idiots.

    More sensible option would be to spec your car with Symphoney stereo, and then pay Craigyb £1k to fit an RNS-E for you.

    so, if money no object, and you're not worried about overlays, go for RNS-E, if on a budget, and careless with the loud pedal, go for TomTom. Navigational wise, there as good as the last map update.

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