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Sat Nav question

shau Jan 5, 2008

  1. shau

    shau New Member

    Looking to buy S3 in the next month or so, and had planned to get one with the Audi Sat nav and phone prep(armrest). Am now thinking of getting S3 without nav and phone prep and fitting one in after.
    Can anyone suggest some good sat nav systems that will fit in the S3?
    Have looked at the Kenwood DNX7200 but not sure whether this will fit(Kenwood 6.95" wide/audi 6" wide??)
    Also, can anyone recommend any retailers that will sell and fit the system, preferably in the Essex area.
  2. LDoR

    LDoR likes his V6

    You can always get the Audi system fitted aftermarket for a much more sensible price from Craig at http://www.tclsatnav.com/

    The Audi system is fantastic and makes a great stereo as well. Having your music on memory cards is a bonus too. Not had the phone prep done yet but am going to soon. Craig is a really good bloke too, explains things well to you and very honest.
  3. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    Just fit an RNS-E yourself, kits on Ebay for £400.

    The double DIN units from Alpine/Kenwood/Pioneer etc will all fit with adapters but wont integrate as well with the BT kit, MFSW and DIS etc. Also they are usually more expensive than the RNS-E.

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