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sat nav plus

gav Apr 22, 2007

  1. gav

    gav S6 vvv

    Hi all,is therr any way to keep the tv on when your driving,not for me, but for the kids. you know how it cuts off above 5mph...it would keep them quiet lol
  2. Sinny71

    Sinny71 S55 LKS

    I know it can be done but not sure whats involved as I dont have it. Try checking out www.navplus.us for more info.
  3. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    If you are on abot the one prior to the rns-e whcih is cd based and not dvd, then all you have to do it put a switch inline with the gala cable. This lets breaks the speed signal to the nav unit and it thinks you arent moving.

    It does mean that the nav wont be able to tell where you are though whilst watching tv.

    If you are on about the rns-e then you have two solutions. Have someone like craigyb plug his doofer into your obdc connection and sort it or i believe on Naplus there is a way of doing it by downgrading the software, running a programm someone has written, chaing the filed in vagcom( which at the moment cant be done) and then reapplying the new update again.

    Seems like a pain in the **** to me, buts its possibel


  4. gav

    gav S6 vvv

    Thank you both...this site is the best ..keep up the good work:respekt:
  5. matt_o121

    matt_o121 2.8Q

    You need to either put a switch in or disconnect the gala wire to the rear of the main iso plug, not the nav plug.

    the only down side will be the speed volume will not work, you need to leave the gala wire to the nav plug.

    the nav then works fine, just the speed dependant volume doesn't

    there are normally wiring looms on ebay for £10-15 that will plug in without having to cut anything if you search!

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