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Sat Nav Plus into B5 with Concert.

imported_SunDiver Feb 13, 2005

  1. Folks - already had some excellent help from people on here behind the scenes. I've spent the day reading up on this and would like to know whether I've made the correct assumptions:-

    Given the following:-
    SatNav Plus (8D0 035 192GX - D-Navi, Revision E)
    Cable Adaptor.
    Dual GPS/ GSM Antenna - Tax Disk fitting
    TMC Unit

    Going into:-
    2001X S4 presently equipped with 6-disk Audi CD changer and single din (concert?) radio.

    Here's what I believe so far:-

    i) I'll need to find a Double Din radio cage. VagParts sell them for £150 or I bag one from a breakers or Ebay. A4 and S4 models are interchangeable in this regard.

    ii) I will also need to find a new climate control section of the dash, as my present one will not fit under the SatNav Plus unit. I believe I can take the heated seats controls from my present climate control box and fit them into the "new" one. I have no idea how much these units cost but would imagine many hundreds - again a breaker or Ebay will be the best route. I haven't yet found the part number for this climate unit.

    iii) The Ash Tray may or may not fit once I get that far.

    iv) I WILL need to trim some of the innards/mounting tabs in either the double din cage or the mounts it attaches to - I'm not sure which? In either even this makes the whole process irreversible?

    v) There may be issues with finding relevant CAN lines in the wiring.

    vi) I'm going to need to buy VAGCOM to inform the car of its existence, hook up feeds and to have it displayed remotely.

    I'm still reading all I can and have been given some great links by those who have done this before. I'm aware of the Yahoo group and the SatNav instructions site but haven't digested it all just yet - I will. A quick yes or no to each of my assumptions thus far above would be really helpful. I can then move on from assumptions that are correct and further investigate the wrong ones! Quick yes/nos are just fine!

    Thanks in advance,

  2. The Climate Part number you need is


    Thats the one for Double Din, with Heated seat controls, best bet is ebay, mostly German sites, expect to pay above £100 for a new one, need to be patient they can be hard to find.

  3. SunDiver,

    Here's some info I got from Excursion who's a legend and has done it...

    I asked him for advice because I was thinking of installing the same thing in my car (Dec. 1999 A4 1.8Turbo Quattro Sport) but after seeing the possible expense decided against it.

    He says...

    "You can fit the NAV+ to any year of A4. As you may well know, being a '99 you are restricted to the C-NAVI with no off-road navigation. Make sure you get the correct part as installing a D-revision without CAN will mean the unit won't work in DIS or offer the features it should.

    You need a complete double DIN centre console, comprising the matching HVAC unit, radio cage, ashtray and gear stick surround. The cage is about £150 from vagparts and the ashtry is £50. The HVAC units are around £180, the trim is £30 and the centre console itself is upwards of £150."

    There ya go...

    I'll leave you to digest it! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    Best wishes

    T /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile_smoking.gif
  4. Cheers Guys - more excellent info. I can tell this isn't going to be cheap...;-)


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