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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have finally after alot of hunting managed to get hold of a Navigation Plus head unit for my car.

    Just needed some help with the installation, is this the correct cable that i need to use to modify the wiring to connect the head unit in.. Also the cable to get the DIS to work.. does this just plug in to the back of the speedo or is there more to it then that. Can i do the install without the TMC and add it in later..

    Thanks for your help

  2. if anyone has any instructions on how to do the install they would be very much appreicated !! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

  3. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Someone did this on here and was selling a kit in the trading place a while back. He even offered to install it for you in the price! Have a look and PM him.

  4. dunk

    dunk Member

    the adapter you have doesnt include the connections to the back of the instruments - it simply allows the head unit to be powered from the standard loom, connects the audio output and has a switch to cut the GALA signal so that you could watch the tv whilst moving (if you had one, with all the connectors and antannas)

    the dis wont work at all (not even radio stations) without the tmc module and you have no cable/adapter for the tmc data or tmc rf signals.

  5. Hi Dunk,

    Thanks for that info, so i need to get hold of a TMC box with all the leads etc as well if i want the DIS to work.

    Will have to wait till next month before i can get that now.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Do you know what the corect part number for the TMC unit by any chance?

    Your help is much appreciated..

  6. dunk

    dunk Member

    the tmc leads arent available - they are part of the main audi loom so they have to be made up to suit - they interact with the head unit connectors and the leads to the instruments so you really need a comprehensive adapter that includes:

    main loom adapter
    instrument connectors for DIS
    tmc leads and connectors
    tv cable
    and a pair of tmc rf adapter leads

    of course then you need to code the head unit to suit using vag-com or similar, unless you are very lucky and it includes all the options already on your car....
  7. dunk

    dunk Member

    cant remember the tmc part numbers right now - ill post them later

    ignore the 1jo ones they wont work with the dis
    the 4b1 and 4b0 ones are ok i think

  8. Dunk,

    Are you saying then that the lead i have been looking at is no good, and that i need the loom you are talking about in order to connect the DIS and TMC box to the NAVI and possibly a tv tuner at a later stage.

    If so where can i get this lead from and more info about the install.. Don't wanna start playing around and end up burning something out..

    I know i wanted the kit you was selling a while back, but could not afford it at the time.. Do you have any bits that you would be willing to sell??


  9. dunk

    dunk Member

    the lead you showed will allow you to connect and run the satnav, but not to connect the tmc tuner/dis

    if you bought a tv tuner and cable, you would have to hack into the new loom to connect the tv cable - it doesnt just plug in.

    the kit i made up included a more complex loom that connected the head unit to the car, a handsfree telephone kit, the DIS wires, the tmc data lines and the tv data cable with auxillary a/v inputs all connected together - and a separate set of adapters to connect 3rd party diversity antennas to the tv tuner.

    you then plug in your head unit and wire up the 2 dis wires if needed, add a tmc tuner and all is working - add the optional tv tuner and 2x diversity antennas and you have the whole system

  10. Hi Dunk,

    That lead you made is obviously the lead i need cos i do want to at a later stage add the tmc and the tv tuner and maybe DVD. Not too bothered about the telephone.

    Can you supply me with this cable or even give instructions (parts list & wiring diagram etc) on how to make it, i would be obviously pay for these and your time..

    Thanks for all you help Dunk. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif


  11. Dunk

    Would this woring not work for the TMC
  12. andyt99

    andyt99 Active Member

    Is this the one on eBay? Suspiciously just the head unit and none of the other bits...

  13. [ QUOTE ]
    dunk said:
    the tmc cable kit you show has connections to pick up the fm signal at the radio end but the tmc box should live in the left cubby hole in the boot with the cd changer.

    the data cable has the tmc box connection, but open wires for the other end - these would have to be spliced into the appropriate places into the adapter harness that you got.

    [/ QUOTE ]


    How do i go about making this loom like the one you have made up. At first i just want to have the basic Sat Nav system then at a later stage add the TMC and the TV Tuner and have the DIS working. At the moment i have no idea how to make the loom or where to attach the two wires behind the dash for the CAN bus etc..

    Also could the TMC not sit behind the dash, if was to us the loom i showed before. I take it the open wires from the TMC loom have to be connected into the 26 pin connector on the back of the H/U?

    Dunk, Would you be prepared to supply me with this loom or instructions, and how much would you charge me for it?

    You help is greatly appreciated..


  14. would be great if you could..


  15. Dunk

    is the wiring loom i have to make different for cars with bose and no-bose systems.. I have a bose system..

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