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  1. Having spent weeks gathering all the parts needed for install, thought I would do it this weekend, Big Mistake

    Ripped out old unit, fitted new Double Din cage, Surgery needed but was prepared for that.

    Now the Problems

    1. New Climate Control Flashes display for about 3 mins, VAG-COM fault of "Initial Set up not Performed" so I need to find out how to do that, and it reverts to 22c when you turn off the ignition !!!.

    2. Wiring - All the instructions tell you to remove the Can Bus Low & High - Pins7 & 12 from the Symphony 20 pin connector and connect them to the TMC Connector and then back to NAvPLus 26 Pin Connector, great if you have Can Bus wires in your original 20 pin connector, Why hav'nt I, every instruction I have seen has them in, result TMC not working, no data presumably, anybody any ideas on where I can pick up the CanBus feeds from or seen this before.

    3. Original Ashtray Does not fit - Too ******* Wide, need to find the right one now, Grrrrrrrrrr.

    And I hav'nt even started on the TV Tuner Yet!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bang.gif

    Apart from that, it looks good and works a treat
  2. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    keep at it!! it'll be worth it! How much it cost ya?
  3. All In All About £700 including Nav, TMC, TV Tuner, And Double Din cage
  4. I'm about to do the same thing. Recently bagged a 2001X S4 and also a SatNav plus unit. I appreciate I need to get the double din cage but I didn't realise I'd need an alternative set of climate controls as well. The present climate control section of the dash has integrated heated seats as well - does this make it even more difficult?

    With a cable adaptor, TMC unit and tax disk GPS antenna I'm not expecting too much trouble on the wiring front but you mention there "surgery required" - is there a previous discussion of this online anywhere? I'm new to S4 ownership and don't want to ask a FAQ - happy to do my own research if pointed in the right direction - any help greatly appreciated! Is there somewhere where what's involved is documented - not afraid of getting stuck in but guidance would be fabulous!

  5. If you had a single din Radio unit Symphony before then you need new climate controls, this is because the whole lot sits lower in the console which has tapering sides, my original climate controls, and in fact the radio has an additional trim fitted around them, the new units fit right up to the edge of the console now.

    And if you need them the climate controls are the hardest thing to find, took me about 6 weeks on ebay,is yours a B5 Chassis. if so I will dig out the correct climate part number.

    Spend some time on the Yahoo Audi Navigation group, and at least one Audi-sport member has posted a very good photo set on the subject, when i find it I will post it on to you.

    PS I was not expecting any wiring problems either, until the CanBus wiring was not where it is supposed to be !!.

    Let me know how it goes etc.

  6. imported_tyrant

    imported_tyrant Guest

    I take it that as you are wiring up from CAN you have purchased the D-Navi. Did you actually confirm your car has CAN?
  7. Pretty Sure it has, Main indicator is that it has the the digital clock.

    I learned on the Audi Sat Nav Group that during 2000 they removed the Can from the Symphony loom as that unit did not need them, and used an A6 Type of Loom where the Can is on the Instrument Cluster itself, It's Just a matter of finding out which connector and which pins.

  8. imported_tyrant

    imported_tyrant Guest

    Ahh that's cool, interesting info!

    I have the pin outs if you get stuck.

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