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Sat Nav comparison

Eeef Oct 3, 2005

  1. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    Just looking on the VW site and just noticed that when you order their satnav you also get the 6 cd autochanger and the arm rest (£320 & £95) in the already titchy price of £1800!! so the sat nav itself works out at £1385!!!

    God we're getting ripped off!!

    Navigation/radio system with 6' 1/2" colour screen, CD-autochanger - 6 disc, front centre armrest, two air vents and two rear cup holders
  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    If you think that's bad then Eeef, then don't look here.... press
  3. bacardi

    bacardi Active Member

    Thats insane!! Its crazy how much we get charged for this, I really don't know if i'd ever get sat nav - fortunately for me I work for a mobile network so I get plenty of pcoket PC phones for free, the sat nav in these, with Bluetooth GPS are superb now, plus if I did have to pay it would be 2k cheaper than audi sat nav!
  4. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Eeef, a little concerned you are considering buying a flog GIT, or perhaps the new R32 with the "Clio" exhaust pipes!

    I've had Audi Sat Nav for 10 months now, I didn't buy it new, it was in the car which I bought as an ex demo car, so a heavily loaded dealer car.

    Having had a good chance to asses it, I don't think I would part with the additional £2.5k if I were specifying a new Audi. I would go for one of the hand held devices as Matt_Sportback describes, and have the Symphony 6 with BOSE in the car. The Sat Nav function is good, its finds places 90% of the time, its also get confused now and again and get you lost 10% of the time! The £2.5k premium for it from Audi is a little steep compared to the VW version, with the additional goodies Eeef describes, given they all come out of the same parts bin in Germany! Buts its common fact that Audi is really just premium priced VW, so if we choose to buy Audi, it is really our choice, but I'll be getting another Audi........or a Volvo V50 (sorry!) if my wife has here way!

    The bit I really would miss with the Audi Sat Nav (assume VW do this too, Eeef?) are the SD card slots it has which allow you to load 1gb SD cards with 10-12albums in MP3 format on each, that's neat! But with a Symphony 6 I could also plug in an Icelink if I wanted MP3. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  5. Isn't the VW system CD based rather than DVD based and hence slower? If so, that would be the reason for the cheaper price. I think it is Audis old RNS-D rebadged.
  6. Eeef

    Eeef Lord of War

    The one on the standard price list is cd based, but if you do the GTI configurator it shows as dvd based.

    And no, i'm not planning on down grading to a Golf /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif Couldn't live with the $hit build quality, cheap plastics and butt ugly appearance. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/vomit.gif
  7. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    I am amazed that Audi does not yet have a normal radio/cd that does MP3. You can get proper OEM mp3 in the simplest of fiestas, corsas, etc. nowadays

    Why oh why is it so difficult for Audi to stay up-to-date with this sort of stuff.

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